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Site Domains Name Registrar and Site Host
Domain names for all types of sites (web, ftp, mobile, email and image sharing sites are all readily available). Create your own website using Website Tonight or use one of our Windows or Linux based hosting plans from basic shared server hosting to completely dedicated server solutions. Dedicated design team for professionally designed custom websites tailored to your needs. The most advanced control panels in the industry allow you to manage your sites. Technical support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week via phone, email or online support ticket.

WorldWide Web Domain Names and Internet Business Services
Wholesale Worldwide Web Domain Names and vital internet business services such as hosting, security certificates, and even merchant accounts available. Add your products and set your prices in our turn-key custom store. Web hosting account provided for you to design and attract customers. Promotional opportunities abound for the right marketing professional. No inventory, and we can take care of customer support acting as your technical support staff (which is what we do best, 24/7).

Domain Hostmaster
Leading domain name registrar and web host. W3 Domain Name registrations or transfers with extras (bulk order friendly). Web and e-commerce software solutions. Shared web hosting or dedicated servers (Linux or Windows). SSL security certificates, shopping carts, merchant accounts and more.

Domainer's Name
Premium aftermarket domain names portfolio. Domaining resources and information.

Premium Brand Name
Premium brand name and logo packages. Premium domain names and websites available for purchase.

Domain Buffs
Premium aftermarket domain name sales, speculation, investing, PPC advertising revenue parking and brand development. Information on registering and building generic search based keyword phrase domains and premium brand name domain names into brands.

Domain Perfection
My premium domain names portfolio as a list with various names marked for sale. This site is little easier to browse than my searchable cataloged names for sale. But this site lists all of my intellectual properties.

Valuate domain names, brands, marks, intellectual properties, websites, blogs, mobile sites and online presences.

Domain Parking

TNT Parking
Exceptional multi-page domain name parking service which supports your own custom content for truly original websites. Simply share 1/3 of your selected ad display impressions per page. This is not a spammy or misleading service, by any means. Shared ad can appear anywhere you want on the page, including the very bottom. You can also ad your own non-shared ads, banners and badges.

FYI: Domain parking is a service that allows the domain to be hosted free of charge. Some sites allow the owner to monetize domains by splitting advertising PPC (Pay-Per-Click) revenue, but then you are just showing a list of ads that no one wants to visit. That method is OK for high traffic domains or are also trying to sell the domain in the aftermarket. My preferred method is to use such a service with my own custom, original content and nurture the domain name to life as a valuable resource while using it to advertise another web property that I can monetize.TNT Parking is just such a service.

Parking PPC

Hosted Blogging Platforms

Another great online blogging platform that is incredibly easy-to-use. Supports the simple graphical customization of a nice variety of blog design templates, as well as the custom coding of any template. Use your own domain for free on each blog. Text, photo and video blogging is supported.

Google's Blogger offers free blogs. There is a wide variety of customizable templates and layouts. Blogger supports designing your own blog(s) coded from scratch as well as your own custom domain name for each blog. All at no charge. AdSense code is also readily supported.

WordPress' Free Blog offers free hosted blogs, which is nice because then they keep the software updated. However, you will not find all the features or realize the full potential of the WordPress content management system without upgrading to one of the premium accounts, which requires a paid subscription. Custom domain names are also supported here, but also require a paid subscription to enable the service on each blog.

Domains For Sale

Although not officially a word in the English language, the word concorder can have quite a few meanings or connotations.

The French word, "dérivant", means: arising, deflecting, diverting, from, inflecting, carrying, connecting, pulling; or in French: découlant, détournant, déviant, émanant, infléchissant, procédant, provenant, se rattachant, tirant.

To turn to a new course or use.

Designer and Artist
Designer and Artist is one of my favorite domains because it is short, puts the keyword "Design" upfront, includes the "Designer" keyword as well as professes to the excellence and dedication of such a designer as an "Artist". To top that off, there is another keyword in there, "Art". At only 14 letter characters long it is packed with punch for the Designer that is also a practicing Artist.


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