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The Auto & Truck website ( list of recommended resources for travel, tourism, vacation planning, art appreciation & the admiration of beauty (linked listings to destinations of beautiful scenery, art and pin-up models that are PG-rated sites and intended as safe for viewing by most of the general public).



Extended Holiday
This website offers a platform for sharing my holiday travels and vacation experiences using my YouTube videos and Facebook or Photobucket photography. highlights South Dakota based information resources. South Dakota strong points include education, agriculture, livestock, wildlife, sports, hunting, boating, vacations, tourism and travel.

Pin-up Beauties

A monochromatic photographic collection of the most super elegant women to grace the pages of the web.

Top Hot Girls
A photographic collection of the hottest girls to have graced God's blue planet. Although this is not adult material, once in a while an ultra sexy shot may slip through in the name of beauty.


I wear a lot of hats. I've been working as a freelance web designer since I left Augustana College as Symbiotic Design. I fancy myself as an artist. I design logos, graphics, websites and ads. I draw with pencils, charcoal, pen and ink. I also do computer illustrations and digital cartoons. I sell domain names, web hosting (Linux or Windows), virtual servers (Linux or Windows), dedicated servers (Linux or Windows), SSL certificates, e-commerce software, and do-it-yourself traffic generation tools at Domain Hostmaster. I have even acquired some premium domain names as a Domainer. While premium domain name speculation is usually based on traffic and/or branding efforts, I seem to do OK. I do of course, develop a few of my own domain names, and some actually generate nice small supplemental income streams for My efforts by publishing PPC ads or banner advertising. I’ve developed many logos for many of my own domain name brands, as well as designed logos for others. In many respects I am also quite a branding expert and business identity architect. I also do search optimization, website presence promotion, online marketing and advertising. I’m also a real social networking and medias geek. And, that's not all. Then, you have my own unique take on life in this blog. ;)

General Duty
Explore not only the web scripts that enhance a website's functionality, but also the paired mobile applications for these platforms to allow customers the easy administration and management of said websites not just from their computers, but also from tablets, smart phones and other hand-held smart devices.

Widget Droid Blog
The Widget Droid blog site on Google's Blogger.


Poet Like
Writing. Poetry, prose and musings. Maybe I'll have a chance to write a short story or two (eventually). Consider this site NSFW (Not Safe For Work) as it deals with adult issues, politics, treachery and erotica.

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