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Scrimmaging of Sioux Falls, South Dakota; the local premier sports calendar. Looking for something to do? Check out the sports events listed for a game.

Competitive Fighting
Fighting sports, self-defense, Mixed Martial Arts and combat training. Fighting styles: Taekwondo, Juijitsu, Muytai, Boxing, etc...

MMA Combatants
MMA Combatants is a showcase for Mixed Martial Arts stars, masters, teachers and combatants to exhibit their fighting techniques.

MMA Combat Sports
Mixed Martial Arts Combat Sports

Gracie Combatants
Martial arts training, sparring, testing and combat techniques. Ultimate fighting. Gracie style Juijitsu. Taekwondo and Muy Tai.

Gun care, handling and shooting in safety and with accuracy in mind. Gun/rifle cleaning. Marksmanship tips and techniques. Gun customization and modification (gunsmithing).

Pheasant Hunting: SD
South Dakota readily and easily boasts the best ringneck pheasant hunting in the world, as it has more wild pheasants than any other state in the US.

Ringneck Pheasant Hunting
Ringneck pheasant hunting tips, guides and outfitters. South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas pheasant hunts. How to pick and train a bird dog. Other upland game bird related topics, information and articles.

F1 Highlights. Formula One racing video highlight footage and information.

Full Race Trim
Full Race Trim isn't a thing or an auto parts shop, although it certainly could be such a great brand. No, it's the description of a hard charging race car and it's driver bearing down on the leader.

Race Footage
The most interesting racing video footage I can find on the internet. Racing video footage. Race coverage videography and even some cool racing photography.


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