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General Subject Web Resources Directory Added (6/4/2012)

On Monday morning, June 4th, 2012, a new section was added to the Auto & Truck website, the General Resources Directory Index, which lists various valuable general subject web resources.  

I made the decision to add this directory because I had it readily available to me.  It seems that as long as I have it, I should use it, and there obviously should be something here when a visitor arrives.  But it seems that posting automotive and trucking related articles to the site was about to get us banned by Google.  

The same afternoon, I also updated the current Automotive Directory listings section (page) to reflect some new automotive and motorsports websites and online properties that I have been working on.  Although I am far from done with the automotive directory here, I am still trying to come up with a vision for it.  I have some great ideas, but they all require that I find a decent wholesaler, and there just aren't too many good ones in the auto industry.

The general subject web directory will at least allow the traffic that is showing up here something to do once they get here.  It is admittedly a temporary solution, but will remain once we have reinvented the site to become what it will be next.

Recent Changes to Our Website (4/29/2012)

It has become perfectly clear that Google did not like our last website. We are pretty sure that it was the system we were using to post automotive related articles at the last domain host, as Google has previously indicated displeasure with such a system.

We resisted taking the site down and starting over because the site had generated so much interest, and the articles were proving useful at first. But slowly the spammer invaded the article provider and managing the articles was no longer possible, we were just deleting piles of digital web spam.

Automatic article posts were finally turn-off completely, but the host system we were using just kept posting crap, only now it was about anything that was in their interest to show, such as unrelated nonsensical articles (possibly from paid advertisers).

In an effort to clean-up this mess and restore our tarnished reputation, we are rethinking our position on how we publish articles and of what quality we need to maintain. Though we will eventually begin republishing such articles, we are also rethinking our role and how we can be used more effectively as an automotive and trucking online resource.

To that end we will definitely be establishing an online directory that specializes in automotive, trucking and motorcycling resources. We are still determining which software to use and many other dynamics that the site will offer.

However, please note that since Google did not appreciate the effort of execution behind our last articles website, they did kick us out of their advertising program and have therefore left us without any possible means to monetize such an endeavor, currently leaving the owner only one choice, to develop this and other sites on his own time without hope of profit or even recovering any sort of an investment.

Nevertheless, the website work will continue, even if at a snail's pace, in the hopes that our reputation will recover and we can find other means to recover the investment of time and expenses trying to establish a great brand that will contribute to the auto, truck & motorcycle worlds while giving back to our beloved communities.


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